The pyck.mako_utils Package

Multiple item selector mako module

Allows displaying multiple items and select one or many from the list


Group items with similar keys into sub-dictionary of the item

pyck.mako_utils.multi_selector.multi_selector(items, field_name, ignore_prefix=None, do_auto_grouping=True)

Displays given items for multi-selection

  • items – A dictionay or dictionary-like object. Key is returned on form submission, value is displayed
  • ignore_prefix – (optional) if given key names starting with the prefix are not displayed (ignored)
  • do_auto_grouping – Group similar items together and make them collapsable


  • Ability to auto-detect grouping
  • Ability to toggle sub-item selections for checkboxes


  • Ability to allow single select (Radio buttons)
  • Ability to only display data (no checkboxes or radio buttons)