Installing PyCK is as easy as installing any other python package using either easy_install or pip. It is a good idea to setup pyck inside a virtual environment. Here is how:

  1. (optional) Install pip if you don’t already have it:

    sudo easy_install pip
  2. Install virtualenv if you don’t have it already:

    sudo pip install virtualenv
  3. Create a virtual environment for your PyCK applications:

    virtualenv --no-site-packages pyckenv
  4. Activate your new virtual environment:

    source pyckenv/bin/activate

    Anytime you want to deactivate the environment just issue the command deactivate

  5. Install pyck:

    pip install pyck

    This is the only step you actually need to do, if you already have easy_install or pip, installing pyck is as easy as easy_install pyck or pip install pyck, however using a virtual environment sandboxes the rest of the system nicely for you.