DevContest is web server based on Pylons framework and Python. This allows you to create a competition for students of informatics. The only thing you need is a Linux server with the necessary compilers. In the administration system you can set the language, what you want. The base is the default C, C++, Java, Pascal, Python, PHP and Ruby.

Try DevContest now!

On is demo server of DevContest. You can try it.
Login is admin and password is the same - admin.

10 Steps to create first contest

  1. Log in to your system as root (Can it be installed in virtalenv?)
  2. Install this applications to your server:
    • Python 2.6 (with easy_install)
    • compilers for support needed languages: gcc (C), fpc (Pascal), gcj (Java) etc.
    • and sudo (running script under special user) + some text editor (vim, nano)
  3. Download the setup script and run it: root@myserver ~ # wget
    root@myserver ~ # sh
  4. Go to devcontest dir. You can edit configuration files (it is not necessary): root@myserver ~ # cd /usr/share/devcontest/
    root@myserver devcontest # vim config.ini
    There you can edit for example port or e-mail for sending errors.
  5. Start your DevContest server: root@myserver devcontest # paster serve --monitor-restart config.ini
  6. Open your browser and enter this url: http://localhost:8888 (8888 is the default port. If you set the port 80 in config.ini, you can write only localhost. But there cannot be any other server at your server - for example Apache.)
  7. Log in as administrator. Your login is 'admin' and password is 'admin', too.
  8. Create new contest. In menu go to 'Administration' -> 'Contests', fill name of contest and submit it.
  9. Create first task. Submit its name, fill description, example of input and output and correct script for proccessing this problem. Below it there is a form to upload inputs. Inputs are ordinary text files which is passed into running script. Save it.
  10. Start your first contest! Go back to 'Administration' -> 'Contests' and click to green arrow.