DevContest is licensed under GNU GPL3.

How to set language

In file /usr/share/devcontest/config.ini set value of variable lang to your language (cs, en, fr...)

How to set port

In configure file set variable port to needed port. For example 80.

Contest modes in DevContest

Now there are three contest modes in DevContest:

  1. Normal mode: who is fastest, he is the winner. Competitors are sorted at first by count of solved task and then by time of last solved task.
  2. PilsProg mode: this mode is inspirated in Czech competition PilsProg. Competitors are sorted by count of solved task, too, but at second there are sorted by sum of time of each solved task from time of contest start.
  3. Codex mode: mode inspirated in by Codex. Each of judgement is rated by points. Competitors are sorted by points.

How to set compilers

Here are some recommended configurations of compilers:

  • C (gcc): gcc -std=gnu99 -O2 -g -lm -o %o %f
  • C++ (g++): g++ -std=gnu++98 -O2 -g -lm -o %o %f
  • Pascal (fpc): fpc -g -O2 -Sg -Ci -Cr -Ct -ve -o%o %f

Can it be installed with virtualenv

Yes. It's standard Pylons project and you can use Pylons documentation for it.