BrickPython Example Programs

This section describes the BrickPython examples.


class MotorController.MotorControllerApp[source]

Bases: BrickPython.TkApplication.TkApplication

Application to control a lego NXT motor on port A as a servo motor.

Type keystrokes into the application window to make the motor move: Numbers 0-9 make it move forward the corresponding number of quarter-turns. Lower case letters a-p make it go backward the corresponding number of quarter turns. Capital letter A stops the motor. Capital letters B-G make it go forward at a constant speed. B is a quarter turn per second, C a half turn, and so on. Letters xyz and XYZ adjust the settings for the PID Servo Motor algorithm: * X,x increase and decrease the ‘distance multiplier’ - the P setting. * Y,y increase and decrease the ‘speed multiplier’ - the D setting (I think). * Z,z increase and decrease the ‘Integrated distance multimplier’ - the I setting.


Handle user keystroke


Rotate motor A through degrees


Set the speed of motor A


class DoorControl.DoorControlApp[source]

Bases: BrickPython.TkApplication.TkApplication

Application to automatically open and close a door using a proximity sensor. It also closes and ‘locks’ it when C is pressed (so the sensor no longer opens it), starting again when S or O is pressed

The door is attached to a motor, which opens it by moving through 90 degrees, and closes it the same way.

The sensor is mounted above the door, so it detects approaching ‘peaple’.


Handle key input from the user


Coroutine that waits until the sensor detects something nearby, then opens the door, keeps it open for 4 seconds, then closes it again and repeats.

It uses the flag doorLocked to determine whether the user has ‘locked’ the door.


class SimpleApp.SimpleApp[source]

Bases: BrickPython.CommandLineApplication.CommandLineApplication

Simple command line example application


Coroutine to rotate a motor forward and backward

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