Wheezy Template


Wheezy Template is a python package written in pure Python code. It is a lightweight template library. The design goals achieved with its development:

  • Compact, Expressive, Clean: Minimizes the number of keystrokes required to build a template. Enables fast and well read coding. You do not need to explicitly denote statement blocks within HTML (unlike other template systems), the parser is smart enough to understand your code. This enables a compact and expressive syntax which is really clean and just pleasure to type.
  • Intuitive, No time to Learn: Basic Python programming skills plus HTML markup. You are productive right from the start. Use the full power of Python with minimal markup required to denote python statements.
  • Do Not Repeat Yourself: Master layout templates for inheritance; include and import directives for maximum reuse.
  • Blazingly Fast: The most effective python code offers the maximum rendering performance; ultimate speed and context preprocessor features.

Simple template:

@require(user, items)
Welcome, @user.name!
@if items:
    @for i in items:
        @i.name: $i.price!s.
    No items found.

It is optimized for performance, well tested and documented.


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