Wasabi Scenegraph’s renderers encapsulate the low-level graphics code that attempt to render the scene you create with the high level API using OpenGL (or another API; you should be able to write a renderer to render with Direct3D for example, or a more realistic target would be OpenGL ES).

Wasabi Scenegraph currently includes two Renderers:

  • wasabisg.renderer.LightingAccumulationRenderer (the default). This renderer uses GLSL shaders to render standard solid objects with per-pixel lighting.

  • wasabisg.fallbackrenderer.FallbackRenderer. This uses an OpenGL 1.x-style fixed function pipeline to provide basic rendering functions only, such as vertex lighting. This can be useful for debugging or to provide compatibility with systems running very old hardware.


The intention is that developers will use and adapt the more powerful renderer in most cases.

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