syspy  0.1
syspy windows system information tool with python
syspy.disk.test Namespace Reference


def diskPartitions ()
def diskUsage ()
def diskIoCounters ()


tuple dsc = Disk()

Function Documentation

def syspy.disk.test.diskIoCounters ( )
Read Count: 442404
Write Count: 246040
Read Bytes: 13650447872
Write Bytes: 4814406656
Read Times: 649029420 ms
Write Time: 57618720 ms

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def syspy.disk.test.diskPartitions ( )
    Part Device: C:\
    Usage Total: 113.4G
    Usage Used: 57.8G
    Usage Free: 55.6G
    Usage Percent: 50
    Part Type: NTFS
    Part Mountpoint: C:\

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def syspy.disk.test.diskUsage ( )
Total: 113.4G Used: 57.7G Free: 55.6G Percent: 50.9

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Variable Documentation

tuple syspy.disk.test.dsc = Disk()

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