Examples of working with activities.

Retrieve An Activity

To get a given activity, use the get_activity function and provide activity_id, The function will return a stravalib.model.Activity object.:

activity = client.get_activity(207650614)
print("type = " + activity.type)

Activity object has many basic properties such as type and distance.:

print("type={0.type} distance={1} km".format(activity,

But also many secondary properties like kudos, comments and photos which follow the following pattern.:

# Number of comments on activity

# print each comment
for comment in activity.comments:
    print("{} : {}".format(comment.athlete.lastname, comment.text))

Activity information

Most information pertaining to actitity is available directly on the stravalib.model.Activity object. Some additional information can be retrieved relevant methods.

Below is example of stravalib.client.Client.get_activity_streams():

# Activities can have many streams, you can request desired stream types
types = ['time', 'latlng', 'altitude', 'heartrate', 'temp', ]

streams = client.get_activity_streams(123, types=types, resolution='medium')

#  Result is a dictionary object.  The dict's key are the stream type.
if 'altitude' in streams.keys():

Additionally, activity zones can be retrieved with stravalib.client.Client.get_activity_zones() and activity laps can be retrieved with stravalib.client.Client.get_activity_laps() .

List of Activities

Three functions return lists of activities.

List the authenticated athlete’s activities with stravalib.client.Client.get_activities().:

for activity in client.get_activities(after = "2010-01-01T00:00:00Z",  limit=5):
    print("{} {0.moving_time}".format(activity))


To get activities in oldest to newest, specify a value for the after argument. To get newest to oldest use before argument.

Additionally list the authenticated athlete’s friends activities with stravalib.client.Client.get_friend_activities(), or list a club member’s activities with stravalib.client.Client.get_club_activities().

Manage Activities


method doc
create_activity stravalib.client.Client.create_activity()
upload_activity stravalib.client.Client.upload_activity()
update_activity stravalib.client.Client.update_activity()