Welcome to documentation


This is framework for test development.


  • Built-in extensions
  • Async launch at choice
  • Real suite objects
  • Test script by steps
  • Test case as class, function or static function
  • Context flow for test execution
  • XUnit xml report
  • Detailed reason of crash by any problem
  • Logical layers for all runnable objects
  • Time of execution measured separately for any of runnable objects
  • Opportunity to repeat test with help generator object


Full installation:

pip install seismograph

Simple install(for unit testing, without extensions):

SIMPLE_SEISMOGRAPH=true pip install seismograph

With choice extensions:

SEISMOGRAPH_EXTENSIONS='selenium, mocker' pip install seismograph

Quick start

import seismograph

suite = seismograph.Suite(__name__)

def my_first_test(case):
    case.assertion.equal(1, 1)

if __name__ == '__main__':

Run tests

seismograph /path/to/suites/

or like

python -m seismograph /path/to/suites/

Async run

  • multiprocessing
  • threading
  • gevent (for python 2 only)