This module implements a set of Datasource processors that represent the input data for extracting Feature values. Just like Feature and other :class:’~revscoring.Dependent’ processors, Datasource processors are tended to be solve()‘d as dependencies. The provided datasources are split conceptually into a set of modules. Currently, there is one module: revision_oriented.


Meta-Features are classes that extend Datasource and implement common operations on Datasource like filter and map. See revscoring.datasources.meta for the full list.

Base classes

class revscoring.Datasource(*args, **kwargs)

Represents a data source for generating features. Unlike features, datasources do not necessarily generate simple scalar values.

name : str

The name of the feature

process : func

A function that will generate a data value

depends_on : list`(`hashable)

An ordered list of dependencies that correspond to the *args of process

Revision Scoring


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