Source code for revscoring.scorer_models.test_statistics

A collection of statistics generators that can be applied to

.. autoclass:: accuracy

.. autoclass:: precision

.. autoclass:: recall

.. autoclass:: roc

.. autoclass:: precision_recall

.. autoclass:: recall_at_fpr

.. autoclass:: filter_rate_at_recall

Abstract classes
.. autoclass:: revscoring.scorer_models.test_statistics.TestStatistic

.. autoclass:: revscoring.scorer_models.test_statistics.ClassifierStatistic
from .test_statistic import TestStatistic, ClassifierStatistic
from .accuracy import accuracy
from .precision import precision
from .recall import recall
from .filter_rate_at_recall import filter_rate_at_recall
from .precision_recall import precision_recall
from .recall_at_fpr import recall_at_fpr
from .roc import roc
from .table import table

__all__ = [TestStatistic, ClassifierStatistic, accuracy, precision, recall,
           filter_rate_at_recall, precision_recall, recall_at_fpr, roc, table]

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