rattail.sw.locsms.classes – Data Classes

class rattail.sw.locsms.classes.PurchasingDetail(**kwargs)

Represents a detail line within a purchasing document (REC_REG).

class rattail.sw.locsms.classes.Department(**kwargs)

Represents a department (DEPT_TAB).

class rattail.sw.locsms.classes.Function(**kwargs)

Represents a system function (FCT_TAB).

class rattail.sw.locsms.classes.Product(**kwargs)

Represents a product (OBJ_TAB).


Returns the “default” Cost instance for the product. This is done by consulting the “authorized” flags of any cost records which are attached to the product. None is returned if no default record could be found.


Returns the “last” F38 value found in the REC_REG table for this product.


Exclude results found in “bogus” purchasing documents, e.g. those which were voided.

class rattail.sw.locsms.classes.AlternateCode(**kwargs)

Represents a product alternate code (ALT_TAB).

class rattail.sw.locsms.classes.Price(**kwargs)

Represents a price (PRICE_TAB).

class rattail.sw.locsms.classes.POS(**kwargs)

Represents a POS record for an item (POS_TAB).

class rattail.sw.locsms.classes.Vendor(**kwargs)

Represents a vendor (VENDOR_TAB).

class rattail.sw.locsms.classes.Customer(**kwargs)

Represents a customer (CLT_TAB).

class rattail.sw.locsms.classes.Subdepartment(**kwargs)

Represents a subdepartment (SDP_TAB).

class rattail.sw.locsms.classes.PurchasingDocument(**kwargs)

Represents a purchasing document (REC_HDR).

class rattail.sw.locsms.classes.ClassBase(**kwargs)

Base class from which all other data classes inherit.

class rattail.sw.locsms.classes.Cost(**kwargs)

Represents a cost record for a product (COST_TAB).

class rattail.sw.locsms.classes.Operator(**kwargs)

Represents an operator (user) within the system (CLK_TAB).

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