rattail.sw.locsms.changes – SMS Deployed Changes

This module contains logic for handling changes deployed from SMS.


Generator which yields data records (contained in the file at path) as dictionary objects, keyed by field name. The file is assumed to be in CSV format, with the first row containing the field names used.


Handles incoming “deployed changes” from SMS.

This function is designed to be called by the Rattail File Monitor, which of course will call it for each new file that shows up in the monitored folder.

This function is responsible for further monitoring the arrival of these files in such a way that it will know when a deploy changes “batch” of files has been made fully available. When this occurs, it will in turn call any registered processing function(s), and finally delete the change files for the “batch.”

One or more custom processing functions may be configured thusly:

changes.process_funcs = ['rattail.mamajeans.locsms:process_changes']

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