Python bindings to the Rackspace Cloud Servers API

This is a client for Rackspace’s Cloud Servers API. There’s a Python API (the cloudservers module), and a command-line script (installed as cloudservers). Each implements the entire Rackspace Cloud Servers API.

You’ll need a Rackspace Cloud account, and you’ll need to make sure to sign up for both Cloud Servers and Cloud Files – Rackspace won’t let you get an API key unless you’ve got a Cloud Files account, too. Once you’ve got an account, you’ll find your API key in the management console under “Your Account”.

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You may want to read Rackspace’s API guide (PDF) – the first bit, at least – to get an idea of the concepts. Rackspace is doing the cloud hosting thing a bit differently from Amazon, and if you get the concepts this library should make more sense.



Development takes place on GitHub; please file bugs/pull requests there.

Run tests with python test.

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