The cloudservers Python API


First create an instance of CloudServers with your credentials:

>>> from cloudservers import CloudServers
>>> cloudservers = CloudServers(USERNAME, API_KEY)

Then call methods on the CloudServers object:

class cloudservers.CloudServers

A BackupScheduleManager – manage automatic backup images.


A FlavorManager – query available “flavors” (hardware configurations).


An ImageManager – query and create server disk images.


A IPGroupManager – manage shared public IP addresses.


A ServerManager – start, stop, and manage virtual machines.


Authenticate against the server.

Normally this is called automatically when you first access the API, but you can call this method to force authentication right now.

Returns on success; raises cloudservers.Unauthorized if the credentials are wrong.

For example:

>>> cloudservers.servers.list()
[<Server: buildslave-ubuntu-9.10>]

>>> cloudservers.flavors.list()
[<Flavor: 256 server>,
 <Flavor: 512 server>,
 <Flavor: 1GB server>,
 <Flavor: 2GB server>,
 <Flavor: 4GB server>,
 <Flavor: 8GB server>,
 <Flavor: 15.5GB server>]

>>> fl = cloudservers.flavors.find(ram=512)
>>> cloudservers.servers.create("my-server", flavor=fl)
<Server: my-server>

For more information, see the reference:

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