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Pysistence documentation


Why the name pysistence?

The project is named pysistence because most of the data structures it implements are persistent. This doesn’t mean persistent in the sense that they are stored in a database or the file system. Rather, it means the data structures may only be modified by copying. Where possible, these data structures will re-use existing implementations without copying everything.

Where can I learn more about persistent data structures?

Here are some resouces:

Or if you’re really brave:


You may download the current release of Pysistence from our PyPI page. You may also use easy_install to install pysistence:

sudo easy_install pysistence

If you have Mercurial installed, you can use the following command to check out Pysistence:

hg clone

Note that you do need setuptools or distribute for the next step:

python install

If you’re brave, you can try using pysistence’s experimental C extension:

python install --with-cext

Developers & Community

Visit Pysistence’s bitbucket page to get more info and view the wiki.

You may also visit our Google Group for more info.

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