PyBB - Django Forum Application

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  • Install all dependencies and configure it.
  • Edit
    • Add pybb to INSTALLED_APPS
    • Add from pybb.settings import * line
    • Add pybb.middleware.PybbMiddleware to MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES
  • Add url('^forum/', include('pybb.urls')) to file
  • Run command migrate if you installed south (recommended) or ./ syncdb (if south is not installed)
  • Symlink or copy pybb static files to “%MEDIA_ROOT%/pybb”
  • Run command pybb_created_related_objects It will create Profile objects for each existing user.


  • django-common
  • markdown
  • pytils (optional)
  • south (optional)
  • django-haystack (required for search, optional)

Feature list

  • Each category, forum, topic and post has its own permanent url
  • BBcode and markdown support
  • Simple moderator system
  • Email subscription on topic replies
  • Topic could be sticked or closed
  • Plain text urls are converted to active links
  • Each user has profile with individual forum related settings
  • Unread topics are marked
  • i18n
  • File attachments to the post
  • AJAX preview of new post content
  • Search

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