Content Types

Compared with FeinCMS content types, pennyblack content types can provide further functionality

Additional hooks

  • replace_links

    This method if it exists is called before the newsletter is sent. It should replace all links with a newly generated link to be able to track every link click:

    HREF_RE = re.compile(r'href\="((\{\{[^}]+\}\}|[^"><])+)"')
    def replace_links(self, job):
        Replaces all links and inserts pingback links
        offset = 0
        for match in HREF_RE.finditer(self.text):
            link =
            if check_if_redirect_url(link):
            # don't replace links to proxy view
            if u'link_url' in link:
            replacelink = job.add_link(link)
            self.text = ''.join((self.text[:match.start(1)+offset], replacelink, self.text[match.end(1)+offset:]))
            offset += len(replacelink) - len(
  • prepare_to_send

    Is meant to add some additional style informations into the content. Because email clients often only accept inline style information.

    def prepare_to_send(self):
        insert link_style into all a tags
        self.text = re.sub(r"<a ","<a {% get_newsletterstyle request text_and_image_title %}", self.text)

Provided content types

Pennyblack comes with some content types bundled which sould be sufficient for most use cases.

class pennyblack.content.richtext.TextOnlyNewsletterContent(*args, **kwargs)

Has a title and a text wich both can contain template code.

class pennyblack.content.richtext.TextWithImageNewsletterContent(*args, **kwargs)

Like a TextOnlyNewsletterContent but with extra image field

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