Pennyblack comes with automatic bounce detection. Use the following explanation to get bounce detection up and running:


the following in your settings file:


Mailman installation

To automatically detect bounces pennyblack uses a patched mailman installation which allows it to pass a email as text and receive a coma separated list of email addresses which have bounced. This is because mailman is published under gpl which only allows direct inclusion if only simple datatypes are exchanged.

  • Download a copy of mailman 2.x from and unpack it into a directory which is on your python path.

  • Use the mailman_patch included in the gitrepository of pennyblack:

    cd Mailman
    patch -p1 -i path_to/mailman_patch.patch

Sender configuration

Fill in imap credentials in for the sender in the admin and check Get bounce e-mails.


Set up a cronjob to execute ./ getmail regularly.

Where did all the emails go?

Pennyblack moves every email which is recognized as a bounce email into INBOX.bounced. This folder can be renamed by altering the settings.

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