Introducing nucleon.amqp

nucleon.amqp is an AMQP 0.9.1 library built from the ground up for integration with gevent.

Unlike other AMQP libraries which try hard to present an asynchronous API to synchronous code, nucleon.amqp takes the gevent approach - to the programmer we present a synchronous model, while remaining asynchronous behind the scenes (See Synchronous/Asynchronous Model). This provides several benefits:

  • code is simpler to write
  • therefore, code is more likely to be correct
  • exceptions are raised “in the proper place” if operations fail

Of course, this is a simplification - AMQP is a complicated protocol. The other aim of nucleon.amqp is to be the best documented Python AMQP library. This documentation contains not just API docs but patterns for using nucleon.amqp both for high-performance messaging and bullet-proof reliability.

Internal Documentation


The following documentation is intended for developers working on nucleon.amqp, and should not be needed by end users.

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