Install - Use - Screenshots


nilo.webgallery is a lightweight server, which allows to access images in a directory via http as a nice gallery.


Installing nilo.webgallery can be done in two different ways.

Installing with easy_install

To install nilo.webgallery into any python on your system, just run:

easy_install nilo.webgallery

The webgallery script will be installed into the bin/ directory of your python distribution.

Installing with zc.buildout

For more complex setup I recommend you to install nilo.webgallery via zc.buildout.

1. Create and buildout.cfg files

Create a directory for the buildout, and put this file inside. Next, create buildout.cfg and edit it:

parts = webgallery
eggs = nilo.webgallery

recipe = zc.recipe.egg:scripts
scripts = webgallery
eggs = nilo.webgallery
entry-points = runner=nilo.webgallery.runscript:runner

2. Run bootstrap and buildout

Now, use any python (2.4-2.6, vanilla python recommended) and run, then bin/buildout.

The webgallery script will be placed in the bin/ directory of your buildout.

Use nilo.webgallery

usage: webgallery [options] [path]

Creates a lightweight http server serving an image gallery of a directory on a filesystem.

  -h, --help                                display help
  -p HTTP_PORT (default:8000)               set http port
  -a HTTP_ADDRESS (default:localhost)       set http address

  Path of the directory which will be the root of your gallery. If not given, it takes your current working directory.

A few screenshots