Madiolahb is intended to provide a simple isomorphic API across a number of useful platforms: Python, RESTful HTTP, and even from the command line. It is written in pure Python so that it should be useful to things written in Python itself and to any environments where Python may be hosted as a scripting language such as C/C++ or .NET.

This API will be described by Python calls using Python dictionaries as data formatting. The data will be the equivalent structure of the Madiolahb JSON Schemata standards.

Play by Command Line

One means that the API described here can be explored is to make use of the command line madiolahb script. This script is a UNIX-like script that defaults to taking in a JSON file on standard input and outputting a JSON file to standard out. (This means that you can pipe together multiple commands.) If you have a Python YAML library installed it can also support YAML input/output.

Using just this tool you could, for example, play a Bhaloidam game of a sort using a file store such as Dropbox or a source control system.

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