Getting Started

Create a starter site:

logya create mysite

This command will create a new sub directory in your current working directory called mysite, that includes the resources for a logya starter site.

Change to the starter site directory:

cd mysite

Generate files to deploy:

logya generate

This command generates HTML files from the documents found in the content directory, collections for Web site directories, and copies static resources to the newly created deploy directory.

Serve site from deploy directory:

logya serve

Run this command in the root directory of your mysite project and it will serve the static files from the deploy directory. When you edit files in your projects source directory and reload them in the browser they will be updated, so this can be used for live editing your site and see changes immediately.

Get help on logya command:

logya -h

Show the help output of the logya command with information on sub commands and options, for help on a sub command call it with the -h option, e.g. logya create -h.