Below you find an example configuration and information about the different sections and settings.

Default configuration

# General settings that will be available in templates.
    base_url: http://localhost:8080
    disqus_shortname: null
    author: Author

# Settings that affect collections in the document index. Top-level keys of
# collections can be used as document attributes for grouping it in the
# corresponding collecion.
        path: tags
        template: index.html

# Content specific settings, at the moment only templates are specified.
        template: index.html # default template used for collections
        template: page.html
        template: rss2.xml

# Template specific settings.
    trim_whitespace: true

site section

All settings in this section will be available to all templates, so names for configuration variables mustn’t be used as names in document headers.

base_url is the only required setting needed to create the canonical variable and to generate RSS feeds.

collections section

This section allows to set document collections from header variables. The default configuration sets a collection for tags.

content section

This section is for setting the document, index and rss templates to use when generating the site.

template section

This optional section is for template related settings. At the moment you can set whether to trim whitespace around template tags.