Overview: What can landsat-util do?

Landsat-util has three main functions:

  • Search for landsat tiles based on several search parameters.
  • Download landsat images.
  • Image processing and pan sharpening on landsat images.

These three functions have to be performed separately.

Help: Type landsat -h for detailed usage parameters.


You can download tiles using their unique sceneID, which you get from landsat search.

Landsat-util will download a zip file that includes all the bands. You have the option of specifying the bands you want to down. In this case, landsat-util only downloads those bands if they are available online.

Examples of download:

Download images by their custom sceneID, which you get from landsat search:

$: landsat download LC80090452014008LGN00

By default landsat-util downloads the full zip file from Google Storage unless you specify the bands or run an image processing right after download. For example to download only band 4, 3 and 2 for a particular sceneID run:

$: landsat download LC80090452014008LGN00 --bands 432

Download multiple sceneIDs:

$: landsat download LC80090452014008LGN00 LC80090452015008LGN00 LC80090452013008LGN00

Image processing

You can process your downloaded tiles with our custom image processing algorithms. In addition, you can choose to pansharpen your images and specify which bands to process.

Examples of image processing:

Process images that are already downloaded. Remember, the program accepts both zip files and unzipped folders:

$: landsat process path/to/LC80090452014008LGN00.tar.bz

If unzipped:

$: landsat process path/to/LC80090452014008LGN00

Specify bands 3, 5 and 1:

$: landsat process path/to/LC80090452014008LGN00  --bands 351

Process and pansharpen a downloaded image:

$: landsat process path/to/LC80090452014008LGN00.tar.bz --pansharpen

Clip an image before processing (The coordinates shows below show Prague):

$: landsat process path/to/LC81920252015157LGN00.tar.bz --pansharpen --clip=-346.06658935546875,49.93531194616915,-345.4595947265625,50.2682767372753

Note: Values must be in WGS84 datum, and with longitude and latitude units of decimal degrees separated by comma.

A note on returned products

Scenes acquired after 2015 will be downloaded from AWS Public Data Sets while scenes acquired before 2015 will be downloaded from Google Earth Engine. AWS provides the bands separately and so landsat-util will also pass along the bands individually if requested. In the case of Google Earth Engine, only the full, compressed image bundle is available (including all bands and metadata) and will be downloaded no matter what bands are requested.