The GC3Apps softwareΒΆ

GC3Apps is a collection command line front-end to manage submission of a (potentially) large number of computational job to different batch processing systems. For example, the GC3Apps commands ggamess can run GAMESS jobs on the SMSCG infrastructure and on any computational cluster you can ssh:command: into.

This chapter is a tutorial for the GC3Apps command-line scripts: it explains the common concepts and features, then goes on to describe the specifics of each command in larger detail.

All GC3Apps scripts share a common set of functionalities, which are derive from a common blueprint, named a session-based script, described in Section Introduction to session-based scripts below. Script-specific sections detail the scope and options that are unique to a given script.

If you find a technical term whose meaning is not clear to you, please look it up in the Glossary. (But feel free to ask on the GC3Pie mailing list if it’s still unclear!)

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