Management commands

This section describes available, custom management commands included with richtemplates application.

import_media command


Copies media directory from django pluggable app into this project.

If media directory would containt subdirectory called same as this application’s app_label, this subdirectory would become source directory (i.e. this would import media from excellent django-admin-tools properly).

Source directory is put into media directory inside the project. If this destination directory does not exist it would be created.


./ import_media [options] app [app2] [app3] ...



Default: False

Turning on would not raise exception if specified app does not have media directory.


Default: False

By default, if destination directory already exists, CommandError would be raised. By turning this flag on check is not made.


Default: same as django.settings.MEDIA_ROOT

This is destination directory. All source directories would be copied as subdirectories into this directory.

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