Richtemplates provides some widgets helping to use it’s styles and other goodies.


class richtemplates.widgets.RichCheckboxSelectMultiple(extra=True, *args, **kwargs)

Copied from django.forms.CheckboxSelectMultiple with additional img icons tags. With javascript enabled allows to check single box by clicking on it’s row / label / box. Uses nice css highlighting.

Full example:

from django import forms
from richtemplates.widgets import RichCheckboxSelectMultiple
def unslugify(value):
    return value.replace('_', ' ').replace('-', ' ').capitalize()

class MultipleChoicesForm(forms.Form):
    CHOICES = ((key, unslugify(key)) for key in (
    fake_permissions = forms.MultipleChoiceField(choices=CHOICES,
        initial = ['view_project'],
        required = False,
        widget = RichCheckboxSelectMultiple)


class richtemplates.widgets.RestructuredTextareaWidget(attrs=None, preview=True, preview_url=None)

Widget adding some extras from markItUp. Not using django-markitup as we needed only restructuredtext markup and by requiring to set that specific filter wouldn’t allow one to use django-markitup with other renderer type. Ajax preview is nicer but it consumes more resources as it is called each time user hits keyboard - so use it on own risk.


Returns default url for rst preview processing view.

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