It is not the true Dao that could be told; It is not the true name that named anything.
by Laozi, “Tao Te Ching”

What would happen if John McCarthy meet Jean Ichbiah in Guido Van Rossum’home?

Or what would happen when lisp meets prolog in python?

Dinpy arises!

Someone said: Whoever does not understand LISP, is doomed to reinvent it, poorly, anoint it with a buzzword and call it new and improved.


many people know that lisp is cool, but still many other people dislike lisp. Are they really dislike lisp itself? Or are they just dislike the parentheses in the sexpression of lisp?

Anyway, I am one of the lisper, but I dislike the many parentheses in lisp.

Do you more like the code such like this:x*3+2*y==z? Or do you more like the code like this: (equal (+ (* x 3) (* 2 y)))?



Why program? Just because do not program. Why are there exist programmers? Just because there exist nonprogrammers.

What tool is the best tool? It is best tool that people is not aware of it when they use it. what language is the best programming language? It is the best programming language that people don’t feel they are programming when people progam.

Where is this kind of language? It does not arise now!

Where will the dao to programming reach finnally? It will reach the places where it started with, the place where there is programmer, no programming, no program so called now.

My sincere thanks to all.

Simeon Chaos

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