The contributing authors list is below, thanks a lot:
Guido van Rossum and Python Software Foundation for Python. all of people and stuffs in pypy, espcially for prolog and scheme in pypy. Christophe Delord, for pylog from which I learned how to code term and unify. ( Zope Corporation and commutiy for Zope 3 (The great test harness helps me a lot, and also other stuffs). nose test framework, I’m using that. Daniel P. Friedman and Mitchell Wand, who wrote the book “Essentials of Programming Languages”. Christian Queinnec and Ecole Polytechnique who wrote, Kathleen Callaway who translated the book “Lisp in Small Pieces”. Danny Yoo, for his pyscheme ( Yigal Duppen, for his Psyche, the Python Scheme Interpreter. Riaan Booysen, for Boa Constructor, the IDE I used for long time. WingIDE, the best IDE for python I used, especially thank its powerful test and debug features. YieldProlog, I learned to use yield for unification and backtracking in logic engine.

Also thanks to anyone else I have learned from, for example: yap(prolog implementation), swiprolog, stklos(lisp implementation), curry(logic functional language), and so on.

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