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Class WadeGilesDialectConverter

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Provides a converter for different representations of the Mandarin Chinese romanisation Wade-Giles.

The converter has very limited possibilities for conversion at this time, much more different forms of Wade-Giles are possible and should be implemented.

Instance Methods [hide private]
convertBasicEntity(self, entity, fromReading, toReading)
Converts a basic entity (e.g.
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Class Methods [hide private]

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Class Variables [hide private]
  CONVERSION_DIRECTIONS = [('WadeGiles', 'WadeGiles')]
List of tuples for specifying supported conversion directions from reading A to reading B.
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convertBasicEntity(self, entity, fromReading, toReading)

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Converts a basic entity (e.g. a syllable) in the source reading to the given target reading.

This method is called by convertEntities() and a single entity is given for conversion.

The default implementation will raise a NotImplementedError.

  • entity - string written in the source reading
  • fromReading - name of the source reading
  • toReading - name of the target reading
Returns: str
the entity converted to the toReading
Overrides: EntityWiseReadingConverter.convertBasicEntity
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