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Todo List

This TODO list is generated in an automated manner via the Sphinx TODO extension, and it only includes portions documentation string within BridgeDB’s codebase which have been marked with the Sphinx .. todo: directive. As such, this should be taken neither as a canonical nor complete list of tasks planned for future development, but rather a brief list of small(ish) places within the codebase that could use some attention.


This should probably be reimplemented as a property that automatically sanitises the values for each ORAddress, as is done for bridgedb.bridges.BridgeAddressBase.address and bridgedb.bridges.BridgeBase.orPort.

(The original entry is located in /home/isis/code/torproject/bridgedb/bridgedb/ of bridgedb.bridges.Bridge.assertOK, line 14.)


The transport attribute of Stem’s BridgeExtraInfoDescriptor class is a dictionary that uses the Pluggable Transport’s type as the keys… meaning that if a bridge were to offer four instances of obfs3, only one of them would get to us through Stem. This might pose a problem someday.

(The original entry is located in /home/isis/code/torproject/bridgedb/bridgedb/ of bridgedb.bridges.Bridge.updateFromExtraInfoDescriptor, line 18.)


At some point, we may want to change this class to optionally handle creating Multipart MIME encoding messages, so that we can include attachments. (This would be useful for attaching our GnuPG keyfile, for example, rather than simply pasting it into the body of the email.)

(The original entry is located in /home/isis/code/torproject/bridgedb/bridgedb/email/ of, line 3.)


The instructions for the OpenPGP keys in BRIDGEDB_OPENPGP_KEY are not translated… should we translate them? Should we tell users where to obtain GPG4Win/GPGTools/gnupg? Should those instruction be that verbose? Or should we get rid of the instructions altogether, and assume that any encouragement towards using GPG will just make users more frustrated, and (possibly) (mis-)direct that frustration at Tor or BridgeDB?

(The original entry is located in /home/isis/code/torproject/bridgedb/bridgedb/ of bridgedb.strings, line 3.)