Quick Start

Here are quick installation instructions for the impatient.

Brewery is being developed for Python 2.7, reported to work on 2.6.

Satisfy soft dependencies that cover most of the use cases. For more information read below.:

pip install sqlalchemy xlrd

Install brewery:

pip install brewery


import brewery

URL = ""

b = brewery.create_builder()

Or the same from the command line:

$ curl | \
      brewery pipe audit pretty_printer


The framework currently does not have any hard dependency on other packages. All dependencies are optional and you need to install the packages only if certain features are going to be used.

Package Feature
sqlalchemy Streams from/to SQL databases. Source: Recommended version is > 0.7
gdata Google data (spreadsheet) source/target
xlrd Reading MS Excel XLS Files. Source:
PyYAML YAML directory data source/target. Source:
pymongo MongoDB streams and mongoaudit. Source:

Customized Installation

The project sources are stored in the Github repository.

Download from Github:

git clone git://


cd brewery
python install

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