The face recognition algorithms

In this evaluation, we execute several well-known and state-of-the-art face recognition algorithms of different kinds. Here, we only give a short overview of the algorithms used. For a more detailed description including the original papers and a reason for the selection of the algorithms, please read section 3.1 of the book chapter.

  • Cohort LDA [1] [LDA-IR]: Performs PCA and LDA on two color channels of the images and compares model and probe features in Fisher space using a correlation function. [Lui12]
  • Grid graphs of Gabor jets [Graphs]: Extracts Gabor jets including Gabor phases from grid locations and compares model and probe graphs with a Gabor-phase based similarity function. [Zhang09]
  • Local Gabor binary pattern histogram sequence [LGBPHS]: Extracts local binary patterns (LBP) from Gabor wavelet filtered images, splits them into image blocks, extracts and concatenates histograms of LBP’s and compares model and probe histograms with a histogram similarity measure. [Guenther12]
  • Inter-session variability modeling [ISV]: Extracts DCT features from image blocks, models them with a Gaussian mixture model, enrolls client models using ISV and computed probabilities, how probable probe features have been created by the client. [Wallace11]
  • Commercial of-the-shelf algorithm [COTS]: Uses a commercial algorithm (the vendor has requested to be anonymous) for feature extraction, client model enrollment and scoring.
[1]The name of the algorithm was changed from LDA-IR to CohortLDA by the authors of the CSU toolkit. Since we do not use the cohort in our experiments, we stick to the old name LDA-IR to avoid confusion.
[Lui12]Y. M. Lui, D. S. Bolme, P. J. Phillips, J. R. Beveridge, and B. A. Draper. Preliminary studies on the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly face recognition challenge problem. In CVPR Workshops, pages 9–16. IEEE Computer Society, 2012.
[Guenther12]M. Günther, D. Haufe, and R. P. Würtz. Face recognition with disparity corrected Gabor phase differences. In ICANN, volume 7552 of LNCS, pages 411–418. Springer, 2012.
[Zhang09]W. Zhang, S. Shan, L. Qing, X. Chen, and W. Gao. Are Gabor phases really useless for face recognition? Pattern Analysis & Applications, 12:301–307, 2009.
[Wallace11]R. Wallace, M. McLaren, C. McCool, and S. Marcel. Inter-session variability modelling and joint factor analysis for face authentication. In IJCB, pages 1–8. IEEE, 2011.

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