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Module bap

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Base class for BAP runtime errors
Raised if we were unable to parse the output of bap.
Raised when bap subprocess returns a non-zero code
Raised when bap subprocess is killed by a signal
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run(path, args=[], bap='bap', parser={'format': 'adt', 'load': <function loads at 0x7f33fa2769b0>})
run(file[, args] [, bap=PATH] [,parser=PARSER]) -> project
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  adt_project_parser = {'format': 'adt', 'load': <function loads...
  __package__ = 'bap'
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run(path, args=[], bap='bap', parser={'format': 'adt', 'load': <function loads at 0x7f33fa2769b0>})

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run(file[, args] [, bap=PATH] [,parser=PARSER]) -> project

Run bap on a specified `file`, wait until it finishes, parse
and return the result, using project data structure as default.


>>> proj = run('/bin/true')

To specify extra command line arguments, pass them as a list:

>>> proj = run('/bin/true', ['--no-cache', '--symbolizer=ida'])

To specify an explicit path to `bap` executable use `bap` keyword

>>> proj = run('/bin/true', bap='/usr/bin/bap')

By default a project data structure is dumped in ADT format and
loaded into `bir.Project` data structure. To parse other formats,
a parser argument can be specified. It must be a dictionary, that
may contain the following two fields:

  - `format` - a format name as accepted by bap's `--dump` option,
               it will passed to bap.
  - `load` - a function that parses the output.

In case of errors, the `load` function must raise `SyntaxError`
exception. Example:

>>> version = run('/bin/true', parser={'load' : str.strip})

If `parser` is `None` or if it doesn't provide `load` function,
then the program output is returned as is.


Will pass through exceptions from the underlying subprocess module,
with OSError being the most common one. If everything went fine on
the system level, then may raise SyntaxError at the parsing step.
Also may raise Failed or Killed exceptions in case if the return code
wasn't zero.

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{'format': 'adt', 'load': <function loads at 0x7f33fa2769b0>}