auromat package

Module contents

The auromat package is split up in several packages and modules each covering different aspects of its functionality.

The auromat.cli package contains command-line tools that will be installed as auromat-name for a module name It is not intended to be used from within Python code.

The auromat.coordinates package allows to determine coordinates of space objects, to convert existing coordinates into other reference frames, to calculate intersection points between a ray and an ellipsoid, and to perform geodesic calculations. It does not depend on the mapping objects used in other parts of the auromat package and can therefore be easily re-used for other purposes.

The auromat.solving package contains modules to blindly georeference astronaut photography pointing to earth using the starfield in the images. The use of this package is not required for working with already georeferenced images such as the ones from the ESA-ISS archive.

The auromat.mapping package contains various modules for reading and working with georeferenced data, e.g. as produced by the auromat.solving package or other available in forms like the THEMIS or ESA-ISS web archives. It also contains the BaseMapping main class which other packages depend on for accessing georeferenced image data through a defined interface.

The auromat.export package can export any BaseMapping into a self-contained CDF or netCDF file, suitable for further processing in different software.

The auromat.util package contains independent generic helper functions not strictly related to the main functions of this library. No module has a dependency to another part of this library.

The auromat package also contains various submodules, e.g. for resampling (auromat.resample) and visualizing (auromat.draw) mappings, as well as some modules which did not fit well into any other bigger package.