Project filesΒΆ

There are several files and directories in the AudioLazy repository (as well as in the source distribution):

File/Directory Description
audiolazy/ AudioLazy package modules source code
audiolazy/tests/ Testing subpackage
docs/ Documentation generation scripts
examples/ Examples for some AudioLazy use cases
images/ Images referenced by some reStructuredText documentation file
math/ Proof for some formula used by AudioLazy using Sympy CAS
CHANGES.rst AudioLazy History, a.k.a. change log Configuration for py.test, to work properly with doctests on StrategyDict strategies and on an environment missing Numpy
COPYING.txt License file List of extra distributed files to be included in the tarball that doesn’t need to be installed together with the package
README.rst Some general information about the AudioLazy project General Python setup script for installation, testing, etc.
tox.ini Configuration for tox, py.test and pytest-cov
.travis.yml Travis-CI configuration (not in PyPI tarball/”egg” source distribution)

The examples and the math directories might be useful for an AudioLazy user. All Python files in these two directories are scripts intended to run on both Python 2 and 3 unless they need something not yet available for Python 3 (e.g. wxPython), most of them have some external dependency.