Source code for anybox.recipe.openerp.webclient

# coding: utf-8
from os.path import join
import logging
import shutil
import re
from zc.buildout import UserError
from anybox.recipe.openerp.base import BaseRecipe

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class WebClientRecipe(BaseRecipe): """Recipe for web client install and config """ release_filenames = {'6.0': 'openerp-web-%s.tar.gz'} requirements = ('setuptools',)
[docs] def preinstall_version_check(self): split = self.version_wanted.split() if len(split) != 1: # not much to say before any attempt for custom or vcs versions return try: version = re.match(r'(\d+)[.](\d+)', split[0]) version = int(, int( except (ValueError, TypeError, AttributeError):"Version not understood: %r. Skipped before install " "checks", self.version_wanted) return if version >= (6, 1): raise UserError("Aborting: don't use the openerp webclient recipe " "for versions >= 6.1, as there is no separate web " "client in these versions." "Simply use the web part of the OpenERP server.")
def _create_default_config(self): if self.major_version == (6, 0): shutil.copyfile(join(self.openerp_dir, 'doc', 'openerp-web.cfg'), self.config_path) def _install_startup_scripts(self): script_name = self.options.get('script_name', 'start_' + self._install_script(script_name, self._create_startup_script()) def _create_startup_script(self): """Return startup_script content """ paths = [self.openerp_dir] paths.extend([egg.location for egg in]) if self.major_version == (6, 0): ext = '.py' config = '-c %s' % self.config_path else: ext = '' config = '' script = ('#!/bin/sh\n' 'export PYTHONPATH=%s\n' 'cd "%s"\n' 'exec %s openerp-web%s %s $@') % ( ':'.join(paths), self.openerp_dir, self.buildout['buildout']['executable'], ext, config) return script