OpenERP buildout recipe

This recipe for Buildout is a fully featured tool allowing you to define and deploy quickly OpenERP/Odoo installations of any kinds, ranging from development setups to fully automated production deployments or continuous integration.

Some of its main features include:

  • uniformity across OpenERP/Odoo versions (from 5.0 onwards). If you wish to manage Odoo >= 8, please consider also using anybox.recipe.odoo.
  • installation of OpenERP/Odoo server and, if meaningful, GTK and web clients.
  • retrieval of main software and addons from various sources, including the major version control systems
  • ability to pinpoint everything for replayability
  • management of OpenERP/Odoo configuration
  • dedicated scripts creation for easy integration of external tools, such as test launchers
  • packaging: creation of self-contained equivalents for easy deployment in tightly controlled hosting environmenents.

All these to be considered together with zc.buildout‘s general properties, such as an extensible configuration file format for easy variation or separation of concerns, native Python distributions installation, and of course the huge ecosystem of other recipes.

About this documentation

Released stable versions of this documentation are uploaded to pythonhosted.

The full documentation is written with Sphinx, built continuously and uploaded to by Anybox’ public buildbot. The Sphinx source tree is to be found under the doc subdirectory of this project.

Although this Sphinx documentation started with version 1.8.0, most of its contents applies to the 1.7 series: features introduced with 1.8 are highlighted, and readers may consult the changelog on PyPI.

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