This file describes the installation of SimPy 2.2.

  1. Check that you have Python 2.3 or above. Python 3 is not yet supported, but we are working on it. If necessary, download Python from and install it.

  2. You can install SimPy easily via PIP (or easy_install):

    $ pip install SimPy
    $ # or:
    $ easy_install SimPy

    If SimPy is already installed, use the -U option for pip/easy_install to upgrade:

    $ pip install -U SimPy

    Remember, on Linux/MacOS/Unix you may need root privileges to install SimPy. This also applies to the installing SimPy manually as described below.

  3. To manually install a SimPy tarball, or to execute the examples, download and unpack the SimPy archive into a folder (using option “Use folder names” in WinZip, “Re-create folders” in Linux Archive Manager, or similar option in your unpacker). This will create a SimPy-2.2 folder with all source code and documentation.

    Open a terminal, cd to the SimPy folder and execute or easy_install . or pip install .:

    $ cd where/you/put/simpy/SimPy-x.y
    $ python install
    $ # or
    $ easy_install .
    $ # or
    $ pip install .

    If you do not have permissions to perform the installation as root, you can install SimPy into a non-standard folder:

    $ cd where/you/put/simpy/SimPy-x.y
    $ python install --home <dir>
  4. Run one or more of the programs under docs/examples to see whether Python finds the SimPy module. If you get an error message like ImportError: No module named SimPy, move the SimPy folder into a directory which you know to be on the Python module search path (like /Lib/site-packages).

  5. The tutorial and manuals are in the docs/html folder. Many users have commented that the Bank tutorials are valuable in getting users started on building their own simple models. Even a few lines of Python and SimPy can model significant real systems.

For more help, contact the SimPy-Users mailing list. SimPy users are pretty helpful.

Enjoy simulation programming in SimPy!

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