Contents of This SimPy Distribution

SimPy 2.2 contains the following files:

  • SimPy - Python code directory for the SimPy 2.2 package

    •, a prettyprinter for class instances
    •, code for SimPy simulation
    •, code for simulation with tracing
    •, code for executing simulations event-by-event
    •, code for synchronizing simulation time with wallclock time
    •, code for debugging/event stepping of models with a GUI
    •, code for generating a Tk-based GUI for SimPy simulations
    •, code for generating Tk-based plots (screen and Postscript)
    •, initialisation of SimPy package
  • Tests - a directory containing tests for simpy

  • docs - a directory containing the complete, browseable (HTML) documentation of SimPy.

    It includes tutorials and descriptions of accessing external packages from SimPy. Click on index.html!

  • docs/examples - some SimPy models (in traditional and Object Oriented API)

    • Bankmodels - a sub-directory with the models of the Bank tutorials (in traditional and Object Oriented API)
  • LICENSE.txt - GNU Lesser General Public Licence text

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