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Welcome to PySpotCam’s documentation!

This module provides a Python interface to the SpotCam driver from SPOT Imaging Solutions


You need to install the driver from SPOT Imaging Solutions.

To install PySpotCam, download the package and run the command

python install

You can also directly move the PySpotCam directory to a location that Python can import from (directory in which scripts using PyDAQmx are run, etc.)


Here is a small example

from import SpotClass

Spot = SpotClass()

Spot.BitDepth = max(Spot.BitDepths) # Set the BitDepth to the max value
Spot.ExternalTriggerMode = 1
Spot.SetExposure(gain=1, time=2)

image = Spot.GetImage()

print Spot.VersionInfo2

Almost all the functions described in the SPOTCam API are implemented. See the SpotClass description part.


Please send bug reports or feedback to Pierre Cladé.