Global Module Index

funge PyFunge package.
    funge.exception Defines package-wide exceptions.
    funge.fingerprint Manages Funge-98 fingerprints.
    funge.fp Contains default fingerprints.
    funge.ip Implements Funge instruction pointer.
    funge.languages Provides language semantics.
    funge.languages.befunge93 Implements Befunge-93 commands.
    funge.languages.funge98 Implements core Funge-98 commands.
    funge.languages.funge98opt Implements concurrent and filesystem Funge commands.
    funge.main Implements front-end of PyFunge. (Meant to be used by driver script)
    funge.platform Abstracts the external system.
    funge.program Executes Funge program.
    funge.semantics Defines a base class for semantics. Implements bounded and unbounded Funge spaces.
    funge.stack Implements Funge stack stack.
    funge.vector Implements vector classes.

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