"CPLI" Complex Integer extension

Fingerprint ID:0x43504c49

This fingerprint, from RC/Funge-98, implements arithmetics of Gaussian integers, that is complex integer whose real and imaginary part are both integers. It provides the following commands:

A : a b c dr i
Pushes (a+bi) + (c+di).
D : a b c dr i
Pushes (a+bi) ÷ (c+di). The fraction part of real and imaginary part is discarded. Reflects if c and d are both zero.
M : a b c dr i
Pushes (a+bi) × (c+di).
O : a b
Prints a complex number a+bi.
S : a b c dr i
Pushes (a+bi) - (c+di).
V : a bmag
Pushes a magnitude of a complex number, given by sqrt(a*a+b*b).

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