"3DSP" 3D space manipulation extension

Fingerprint ID:0x33445350

New in version 0.5-rc2.

This fingerprint, from RC/Funge-98, implements operations on three-dimensional vectors and 4 by 4 matrices. It provides the following commands:

A : av3 bv3(a+b)v3
Adds two three-dimensional vectors.
B : av3 bv3(a-b)v3
Subtracts three-dimensional vector b from a.
C : av3 bv3(a×b)v3
Calculates cross product of two three-dimensional vectors. a and b should be in the correct order, as cross product is not commutative.
D : av3 bv3(a·b)
Calculates dot product of two three-dimensional vectors.
L : av3sqrt(a·a)
Calculates length of given three-dimensional vector, defined as a square root of dot product of a and a.
M : av3 bv3(ab)v3
Multiplies two three-dimensional vectors.
N : av3a÷sqrt(a·a)v3
Normalizes the given three-dimensional vector, so its length is 1. If a is zero vector, pushes itself.
U : av3av3 av3
Duplicates the given three-dimensional vector.
V : av3x y
Projects the given three-dimensional vector to 2D view. In the other words, a vector ai+bj+ck projects to (a÷c)i+(b÷c)j. If c is zero it is assumed to be 1.
Z : av3 nfp(na)v3
Multiplies the given three-dimensional vector by scalar.

The following commands reflect in Unefunge mode.

P : destv srcv
Copies the matrix starting at src to dest, in the Funge space.
R : destv axis anglefp
Puts the transformation matrix rotating angle degrees by axis to dest in the Funge space. axis is 1 for X axis, 2 for Y axis and 3 for Z axis. Reflects if axis is invalid.
S : destv scalev3
Puts the transformation matrix scaling by factor of scale for each axes.
T : destv offsetv3
Puts the transformation matrix translating by offset for each axes.
X : av3 sourcev(aM)v3
Multiplies the three-dimensional vector by the transformation matrix M given by source. Actually it multiplies in the reverse order: the result should be aM.
Y : targetv sourceav sourcebv
Multiplies two matrices A and B given by sourcea and sourceb, and puts it to target in the Funge space. Actually it multiplies in the reverse order: the result should be BA.

Three-dimensional vector consists of three single precision floating point number, as used by FPSP fingerprint. 4 by 4 matrix in the Funge space occupies 4 by 4 cells, for example from (x,y,z) to (x+3,y+3,z) in Trefunge, and of course uses same floating point number.

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