Welcome to MarkWiki

MarkWiki is a wiki that uses Markdown to create pages. Markdown has a simple text based approach to define content which you can learn very quickly.

Why Should I Use MarkWiki?

MarkWiki aims to be dead simple. MarkWiki was born out of frustration with bad documentation tools behind a company firewall that were too complex.

You should consider MarkWiki if you:

  • Need something working fast.
  • Are looking for a no fuss answer to how to collaborate with teammates.
  • Want to work with Markdown and use some great extra MarkWiki/Features.

Getting Started

MarkWiki requires just a couple of steps to get going. Fire up the command line and follow along!

  1. Install it.
  2. Run the built-in web server.
$ pip install MarkWiki
$ markwiki

The instructions assume you have administrative access to the machine to install MarkWiki. A great alternative for those without admin access is to use virtualenv.

Now What?

Once you have the wiki running, you can begin by editing the main page to suit your needs (don't worry, a copy of the page can be found at MarkWiki/Introduction if you ever need to refer back). Or you can select the Create a Wiki link.

Whoever sets up the server should look at MarkWiki/Deployment for putting MarkWiki in a production mode. The getting started instructions are primarily for evaluating MarkWiki.


MarkWiki is and will always be open source software. It is BSD licensed and you can find the (very short) license text on GitHub.


Information about past and present releases of MarkWiki is at Read the Docs.