Welcome to ImageD11’s documentation!

Beware: you might find some of this information is out of date or wrong. Please fix anything you find that is wrong and send a pull request. This documentation lives in the docs/sphx part of the sources.

ImageD11 is for identifying individual grains in spotty area detector diffraction images. It finds the spots and helps you to try to index them. After you index the spots you can then work on extracting useful information on a grain by grain basis. ImageD11 is intended to be complementary to the rest of the FABLE software. ImageD11 has a strong focus on fast preliminary data analysis which can be carried out during experiments in order to make decisions about the experimental setup etc.

The package includes facilities for peak searching in two dimensional area detector images using a simple threshold. A graphical interface is available to assist with the calibration of the extracted peak positions and their transformation into scattering vectors (or g-vectors) in reciprocal space. In cases where “relatively few” grains are illuminated by the beam the package is capable of indexing the diffraction spots and refining unit cell parameters and orientation matrices. ImageD11 is mainly written using the python language, with a few extension modules in c for increased performance.


Here is a pdf file with a worked example for making a centre of mass grain map com_guide.pdf

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