Package genshi :: Package template :: Module eval :: Class UndefinedError

Class UndefinedError

              object --+                
exceptions.BaseException --+            
        exceptions.Exception --+        
              base.TemplateError --+    
           base.TemplateRuntimeError --+

Exception thrown when a template expression attempts to access a variable not defined in the context.

See Also: LenientLookup, StrictLookup

Instance Methods
__init__(self, name, owner=UNDEFINED)
Create the exception.

Inherited from exceptions.Exception: __new__

Inherited from exceptions.BaseException: __delattr__, __getattribute__, __getitem__, __getslice__, __reduce__, __repr__, __setattr__, __setstate__, __str__, __unicode__

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Instance Variables

Inherited from base.TemplateError: filename, lineno, msg, offset


Inherited from exceptions.BaseException: args, message

Inherited from object: __class__

Method Details

__init__(self, name, owner=UNDEFINED)

Create the exception.
  • message - the error message
  • filename - the filename of the template
  • lineno - the number of line in the template at which the error occurred
  • offset - the column number at which the error occurred
Overrides: object.__init__
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