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Class AttrsDirective

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 Directive --+

Implementation of the py:attrs template directive.

The value of the py:attrs attribute should be a dictionary or a sequence of (name, value) tuples. The items in that dictionary or sequence are added as attributes to the element:

>>> from genshi.template import MarkupTemplate
>>> tmpl = MarkupTemplate('''<ul xmlns:py="">
...   <li py:attrs="foo">Bar</li>
... </ul>''')
>>> print(tmpl.generate(foo={'class': 'collapse'}))
  <li class="collapse">Bar</li>
>>> print(tmpl.generate(foo=[('class', 'collapse')]))
  <li class="collapse">Bar</li>

If the value evaluates to None (or any other non-truth value), no attributes are added:

>>> print(tmpl.generate(foo=None))
Nested Classes

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Instance Methods
__call__(self, stream, directives, ctxt, **vars)
Apply the directive to the given stream.

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Class Methods

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Class Variables
  tagname = 'attrs'

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Method Details

__call__(self, stream, directives, ctxt, **vars)
(Call operator)

Apply the directive to the given stream.
  • stream - the event stream
  • directives - a list of the remaining directives that should process the stream
  • ctxt - the context data
  • vars - additional variables that should be made available when Python code is executed
Overrides: Directive.__call__
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